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to store juano16's stuff hereBottom BITCH


Soul Ninja MKII
[v2.0] - 09/01/2010
Notes: Based on Pneophen's Sub-Zero, this character lets you pick one of the five MKII ninjas depending on which button you press - and includes MKII depictions of Ermac and Rain when you press Z/Start+Z. It also boasts separate .def files so you can lock your choice to just one character. I have no idea how to get Chameleon working, so have fun with that.
Be forewarned: The aforementioned separate .def files need to be set to 'mugenversion =1.0' on the appropriate string, if you're using MUGEN 1.0.
WinMUGEN 1.0
Female Ninja UMK3
[v1.5] - 09/01/2010
Notes: Likely out of their own personal inspiration, juano16 went and did the same thing as last time - multi-pallette ninja, different character per pallette, separate .def files for standalone characters. And yes, that also means she's got a Khameleon alt that I haven't figured out how to unlock yet. Have fun with that, too.
Be forewarned: Her separate .def files have the same problems Soul Ninja MKII's did. Just change the string like above and you're gucci.
WinMUGEN 1.0

Stages (Currently Template)

Stage Name / Pack Name
Version - Date
Notes: Blah blah blah.
Be forewarned: Blah blah.
This is where the IMGUR album(s) go.
WinMUGEN 1.0

Sadly, not all content by juano16 could have been restored. Stuff like the fullgame was lost to time - but hopefully, grabbing the characters and the stages and compiling it yourself shouldn't be too difficult - the only problem is an appropriate screenpack and lifebars.